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More Tips

More Tips

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This is a picture from our main garden. I went a little crazy this year with tomatoes. I wanted to see if  I could grow them from seed,and not a store plant. Well, I had over 80 tomato plants,and only 5 were from the store. I learned my lesson though. Because of the heat and mosquitoes,(Remember I have to protect my right arm) I wasted alot by not picking them in time. Oh well, live and learn

14)I worked in the garden,when I could.(Wear latex gloves,while digging in the dirt). There were many times that I just needed to be alone and pray. I would go at into the garden,and pull weeds.Here I was fighting a deadly disease,and there was something calming, peaceful, watching things grow,new life.
 I loved looking through all the catalogs and planning for Spring. It saved my sanity! Look at it this way,all the health food that you plan on eating now, you can grow it. Because we had an abundant garden, I learned how to make my own tomato sauce, and pickles. This year I made salsa, and watermelon preserves
If you don't have the room that I have,I found a site that can help you out

Gardener's Supply Company

15) The one thing that I always did was take my vitamins. I always took a multivitamin, and extra Vitamin C. I had my doctor's approval on it. He just didn't want me to use herbs. My blood count never went down,even during my Halloween cold.
Check with your doctor first.

ProHealth, Inc.

16)) Look towards the future. Just tell yourself, a few months from now, this will  just be a memory. I remember reading the book,when my mother was in the hospital, “Peace, Love, & Healing”by Dr Bernie Seagal. Basically, what he was saying, is letting go of the negativity, and keep a good attitude. If you think about it, that is all we have to fight with. People told me all the time,”Oh, you look great, You have an upbeat attitude,etc.” My response was,”I wasn’t given a choice.” My son and husband needed me. 
 For I know the plans I have  for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:10-11 NLT


Peace, Love, &Healing

Things That We Want Friends & Family To Know
1)My friend Elizabeth, wants to get it across to people, not to say "Well, call me if you need anything." It sounds so hollow. Be specific, offer to come by and cook a meal, clean house,etc. (The way I felt,just because I got sick doesn't mean the world stops. I didn't want to inconvience anyone. My husband's cousin Marlene said to me, on her Christmas visit from Minnisota,if you want to get some rest and need a break,let me know, and I'll pick up Junior and take him for the day. The day I thought I was going to need her, I was so sick that day, I called my husband home. I thought I was going to the
hospital.  I thank her for her offer,and she will always have a place in my heart. I am so grateful for my mother-inlaw and her sister(Mary) for taking care of Junior while I was taking chemo treatments. My husband's Aunt Shirley came over at 6 am to take care of me, until my sister arrived to visit me. My husband's cousin,(Joel) was the one who sat there waitting on me while I took chemo. People called, some came to visit, but that was all the help,that I really got. It was really by the GRACE OF GOD that got me through. I really could have use some help.
2) I got this from my friend Marilyn-((Bravo on that statement..some asked if I would call if I needed them, but were never there for me when I did call.  I would even leave a message and they would not call back... 
Having a list of things you need and asking them to sign up would be a great
idea.  I needed help finding a driver for my husband back and forth to
treatment.  I needed someone to come to the house and give my hubby a hair cut..and "Where do find fashionable headwear"...
3) If you know someone who has cancer and/or going through chemo,and you don't like them,have a problem with them,let it go. Out of the blue,my brother called me,and said from now on, we would just keep in touch with each through the phone. That since, I don't visit him,he wasn't going to visit me. (Where was this coming from? Was he upset with me,or the cancer?) I said to him that since I was going through chemo,I was sick. He said that he knew what that was like.(How?)"Remember that New Year's Eve, that I got drunk. I was so sick the next day,that I couldn't get out of bed." He was comparing a hangover to chemo!. As I had said, I don't know where that came from. We used to be so close. My husband's daughter has never liked me,which I can deal with,but she went out of her way to (sorry, this is the only way to describe it) f*** with me,while I was sick. Now, that I am cancer free, she doesn't understand why I don't speak to her.  I chose to walk away from the negativity in my life. This is all that I am saying. Leave it be if you have a problem. Would it really make you feel better to try and hurt a sick person?

I hope this list has helped. Just thought I would pass on what I'd learned.I welcome any suggestion that you might have. Tips that got you through.I will expand the pages as we go along. I am also starting a news letter,that I would  like to distribute through email,and to cancer clinics. Please contact me at any suggestion and advice
 By the GRACE OF GOD I am a Surivor. Let us help one another. .